Free mindfulness session for businesses and business people

Feeling stressed? Then this might be for you. Cambridge PR client Camyoga is inviting business people to take time out for a free session in mindfulness  on Thursday 20 June.

Taking place at Camyoga’s Cambridge Central studio, the session aims to help people learn mindfulness techniques, which, says Camyoga founder Louise Palmer-Masterton, are clinically proven to reduce stress and workplace tensions and increase innovation and leadership skills. “Mindfulness is being embraced by more and more companies and research shows that companies with a Wellness programme, such as Google, have happier and more grounded employees leading to greater success and a competitive edge for the company they work for.”

With mindfulness people become more familiar with the workings of their mind and are given learning strategies to help them slow down, be aware of their own reactions and become able to cope more easily with stressful situations. Adds Louise: “The techniques we use on our programme have been subject to widespread research and review showing that people trained in mindfulness achieve a higher and more consistent level of performance in high pressure environments.”

The session will take place from 9.30 to 13.30, and includes lunch. Businesses are invited to send one or two representatives and can book for the session at