What’s on your Bucket List? – By Mark Graddage

Most of us have heard of, or seen the film The Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, terminally ill and on a road trip with a list of things to do before they died.


I know a guy,let’s call him Rob, whose father, whilst not terminally ill, had a bucket list centred around his wife and 5 children. A big house, comfortable lifestyle, family holidays and private education for the kids.

The first he achieved when,having been promoted at work,he bought the biggest house in the village,albeit with the help of a mortgage,which he and his wife duly protected with life insurance.


Then one day at the age of 44,without warning,while waiting for his train to work, he had a massive heart attack and died.

That’s when dad’s wish list fell apart. There were very little savings,the money had been spent on holidays and supporting their lifestyle. His widow was left with the house,now thankfully mortgage free after the insurance payout, and 5 young children. This was the start of over 50 years of constantly struggling for money.

Needless to say, comfortable lifestyle,regular family holidays and private education for the children were never ticked off the list and downsizing homes became a fairly regular way of life as money became tight.


Rob and I are pretty certain that had his dad understood the risk he was taking with his family’s financial future,then he would have willingly found the money from the family budget to insure himself and his wife properly.

Why don’t you take the time to make your own family bucket list,then think what their chances of attaining your dreams for them would be if you or your partner weren’t there.


When Rob started his family,determined not to repeat his dad’s mistake, he and his wife took advice from a financial adviser and put in place adequate insurance to meet all eventualities.


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