Guy Fawkes at CAN

A collection of our favourite 60 second presentations with a Bonfire Night theme!

Let us know which is your favourite?


Andy Wilkinson

Shooting Image Limited


Remember, remember the fifth of November.


Have you ever thought of using a video of you?

It’s a great way of showing just what you do.

I’ll make sure you look and sound good,

So that your customers see you as they should!


And once it’s done it won’t cost a packet,

So you can still afford that nice winter jacket,

To wear when you step outside,

To watch the fireworks in the night sky.


And once the film’s on the web being streamed,

You’ll wonder at how simple it all seemed,

To have me do a video for you,

That works just the way you wanted it to.


So, remember, remember the fifth of November

And remember Shooting Image Ltd too!


Jill McCulloch – Coach You

Executive and Business Coach

Are you like a Catherine Wheel?

Fizzing in circles but going nowhere?

Is your business full of opportunity like a box of fireworks but you’re in the dark and can’t see what to do?

Let me be your torch that shines a light on your brilliance so you:

– have the clarity you need

– have the accountability to maintain momentum

and ignite your passion to have your business take off like a rocket with a chorus of ooohs and aaahs.


Jamie Morris

Morris Armitage Estate Agents

Good morning guys and girls,

At Morris Armitage we have a burning desire to sell properties and unlike others you won’t have to put a rocket up us…We have that bit of sparkle.

We use a variety of websites and techniques to find buyers for homes such as Rightmove, Zoopla and we cover 98% of internet users who are actively looking for property thus we put you ahead of the waiting crowd.

So if you have persons in the family or friends or colleagues thinking of selling a property for any number of reasons within a 20 mile radius of Cambridge then think of us, the industry ‘shooting stars’.  You may already know someone with a property on the market and they have reached the end of their fuse, a fork in the road you might say, then you know who to contact

Please remember remember Morris Armitage Estate Agents.

I’m Jamie Morris and thank you for your time and Kathryn ‘Wheel’ now indicate who is next to speak


Sarah Matthews

Primal Performance

I offer personal training and nutrition coaching in the Cambridge area.

I am really fired up about the big rocket launch of Team GO! – Team GO is a ladies only weekly group.  A nutrition and exercise club starting Wednesday 19th November 6  – 7:15pm.  I only have 1 space left to fill.  I am looking for someone who may have lost their spark, who has been banging on about wanting to feel healthier and get their fire back, have more energy and lose a bit of weight without diets.

Stop launching into things and fizzling out after a few weeks and get long lasting results and be part of a fun supporting group