Together we can

Our networking group is a great way to make new contacts and create more business leads.

When do we meet?

We meeting once a fortnight for breakfast and a good chat.

Where do we meet?

We hold our meetings at the Quy Mill Hotel and Spa, Stow-cum-Quy.

Cambridge Alternative Networking

In the age of social media it is still important to carry out face to face networking as part of your marketing strategy.

The Cambridge Alternative Networking (CAN) breakfast groups meet once a fortnight from 7:30 to 9:15am to find out about the other members' businesses with a view to sourcing quality referrals for each other. The referrals are not forced. If you take time to learn about someone's business the referrals will flow automatically.

The meetings are a mixture of structured and informal networking. We follow an agenda but still have time to have a laugh as well.

Members are offered sector exclusivity aiding co-operation rather than competition. Competition is healthy but when learning about other members' businesses it helps if you don't have to remember two very similar businesses.