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Cambridge Alternative Networking – Open meeting June 28th 2018

This year’s Open Meeting is on the same day as The Cambridge Roar B2B exhibition. Come along to the meeting and then exhibit or attend the exhibition.

Roar 2018

We are still keeping the sector exclusivity but will be throwing open the doors to anyone who has been before at least twice. So if you’ve never been or haven’t been for a while, why not combine the two events?

Quy Mill Hotel

Situated at the beautiful Quy Mill Hotel the  breakfast networking meeting takes place from 7:30 – 9:15am ad costs just £12 including breakfast.

Business people across Cambridge, Suffolk and beyond will have the opportunity to meet contacts to support and help grow their businesses.

Our structured but still relaxed and friendly environment makes the networking fun with no pressure to give referrals.

During the meeting you’ll have the chance to introduce yourself to the entire group of local businesses with a 60-second introduction.

There will also be an informative 10 minute presentation from one of the members, which everyone attending will be able to take something away from.

Make sure you bring your business cards, flyers and leaflets as there will be an opportunity to pass them around in the meeting.

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